6A or wait for 7?

I’m on the fence. My 2XL is dying a rapid hardware death; and i’m considering just waiting for the 7. On the other hand, the 6a seems like a helluva bargain. I’m torn!

I don’t NEED a 7; I only buy newer phones to future proof them a bit as i like to keep phones for 4-6 years, or basically until they stop working.

Is the Pixel 6a a five year phone? Or should i really wait for a 7/pro if i’m going to try to push it the distance. Thanks for thoughts/input.

I use my phone for the usual web/email, emulators, some gaming, etc. The only thing i wish the pixels had were micro SD expansion and 3.5mm headphone jacks, but other than that i love them, couldn’t go back to another android phone (my wife wants me to get an iphone…but no, not ever happening.)

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