Android Auto Will Not Connect to Car

I bought a new Samsung Galaxy S22 (Android 12) in March 2022, and up until a few days ago (third week of August 2022), Android Auto started right up when I connected the phone to the car via USB. It worked perfectly. And then a few days ago, I could not get Android Auto to connect to my car.

Since then I have tried what seems like dozens of things to try to get it to work. For example, I tried everything here, here and here. No success. I have tried three different USB cables, one of them brand new (never been used before) from Anker (each of these three other cables does charge the phone however). I have factory reset the car’s infotainment system. I have disconnected the phone from my car’s USB port, and then reconnected it. I removed the phone from the car’s Android Auto list of phones, and then reconnected it. Android Auto on my phone seems to want to start, and things on the screen notification bar at the top indicate that Android Auto wants to start, but it never shows up on the car screen and the phone indicates I need to connect it via USB cable to the car (it is already connected). One odd thing which may (or may not) be a clue — Bluetooth pairing show’s my phone’s real named which is "Paige’s S22" but the car’s Android Auto settings list the phone as "No Name".

So, what should I do next?

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