Audio/phone cutting out constantly

For the past month (even with Android 12, have updated to 13 and nothibg changed). My phone will basically cut out any kind of audio, YouTube, music, Twitter video, and even non app sounds such as when you adjust the ringer volume. What is also happening is I cannot make it receive cellular calls anymore, when I try an outgoing call, I may hear it ring once then call ended. If I have someone call my phone, the same thing happens on my end (call ended) but it will still ring as normal on their end. It’s as if my phone is having a hiccup every SIX seconds and cuts out system processing or something.

Things I have tried:
Airplane mode- no difference
No sim – no difference
Safe mode, no difference
Factory reset- with apps, no difference
Factory reset with no SIM, no difference
Factory reset with no apps and no synced settings (I did not log in to Google account)

Any ideas?

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