Automatic switch to vibrate

Hello, everyone:

I recently upgraded from a Pixel 2XL to a 6 Pro, and thus far, I’m pleased with the upgrade. There is, however, one thing that happens on the 6 Pro (still running Android 12; waiting for update) that is strange. When I use the Quick Phrase "Answer" to answer the phone, it changes to vibrate. I then have to go through multiple steps in Settings to change the ringer volume back to where it was. Has this happened to any of you? Is there a way to have a ringer setting on the desktop for quick access? On my 2XL I remember I had downloaded a widget that had a virtual toggle switch with which I could set the ringer to vibrate or silent. There was another one for Wi-Fi. Early on, I downloaded these to the 6 Pro, but they didn’t work. For now, I have just turned off the Quick Phrase feature and answer the phone the "old fashioned way." Any help would be appreciated.


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