Best applock or not? Or any other solutions please

I am looking for a way to lock certain play apps on an android 10 tablet. For my son’s benefit.
Tried quite a few AppLock apps. The problem is that the tablet has 3 power modes, and we use it in the Ultra power save mode. All the AppLock apps don’t work in this mode. There is no way for me to block out using this mode either. He is 12 , so pretty clever with getting round things so even if that did work it’s really easy to just uninstall the AppLock apps themselves. Even ones where this is not supposed to be possible. I did it by holding and drag app, to uninstall off main app page at start up. Just deleted it.

I don’t want to use dig. wellbeing, it’s far too invasive and actually makes everything far more complicated and I have to think about it far too much throughout day. Help please?!

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