Bluetooth Connection Problem

I had the Galaxy watch 4 classic. Set it up no problem. I could connect and disconnect 50 times in a day, no issue. Come the next day, it would only connect if I reset my watch. Who wants to reset their watch every day? It’s like taking a brand new watch out of the box every morning. I sent the watch in to Samsung and they replaced a part. I Received the "repaired" watch 4 back from Samsung and had the same issue. I sent it back to Samsung again!

I received the Galaxy watch 5 pro last Friday (August 26). Set it up. I am experiencing the same issue. I have tried everything in regards to troubleshooting, no fix. I called Samsung and went through their troubleshooting. Again, no fix.

My Galaxy buds connect fine with the wearables app. I can connect via Bluetooth to several other things that I use, all with no problem. It’s just my watches that I am having problems with.

Anyone experience this problem? Anyone know of a fix?

I am ready to return the watch for a refund, but of course want to exhaust every option before doing so.

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