Broken Gmail filter sent Inbox to label… not seeing how to fix

I don’t know how I did this in the app because I’m not seeing any way to reproduce it, but somehow while using the Gmail app (latest for Android 12), all of my inbox email went to a label… I noticed later on Gmail desktop Settings that the filter for the label had been changed to be non-specific, then somehow triggered on all inbox emails.

Now I’m not seeing how to get the emails back to Inbox… thankfully the label was new so there were only a few emails there intended for it, but I’m not seeing an option to move all of them out of the label to Inbox. When I try clicking the select-all checkbox at the top left, it then shows a link to select all in the label, but the move-to button only lets me choose another label, not the Inbox.

I don’t mind losing the label, I just don’t want weird behavior on my Inbox emails, and I’m afraid deleting the label will not move them back to Inbox, but they will be lost in some limbo somewhere.

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