Can I just wipe this device and put a different Android flavor on it?


First, please excuse the username. I had to come up with something I knew wouldn’t already be taken. 🙂 Second, sorry I couldn’t make my question more concise. It’s kind of complicated.

I have a slightly used Qere tablet running Android 8.0 that I want to give to my partner because I can’t install about 90% of the apps I want to run on it through the Play store. But as it turns out, he can’t either.

We’ll search the Play store for an app, and nothing comes up. If it’s an app we’ve already downloaded on another device and we try to get at the app by going to our lists of already installed apps, we get a message saying something like "This app isn’t compatible with your device." ALMOST EVERY SINGLE TIME.

I’ve tried following troubleshooting instructions to get the Play store to let me download and install these apps. I also reset the tablet more than once and then did a factory reset. No dice.

He said he could just read his fave news source via Chrome instead of installing their app. But Chrome won’t let him log into the site. It acts like it took his username and password, but then when he tries to click something it demands a login. There’s no errors displayed saying incorrect username or password. Cookies are turned on.

Also, there’s no way to update this tablet. I go under System, and update options just aren’t there.

I don’t have deep-level Android knowledge, but it seems to me like this thing just has some issues. Like maybe the OS is broken, corrupt, etc.

So, again, can I just wipe it and put a fresh Android install on it? Googling just doesn’t seem to provide clear answers on this. I’m a Windows user from WAAAAY back in the day, and if this was a laptop I’d wipe it and install the highest version of Windows that the hardware would support.

Sorry that got kinda long. TIA.


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