Can someone explain to me how AOD works for the watch? It’s not doing what it says it should do.

If I go to do a workout using Samsung Health, I go to Exercises > Choose Workout > Running (for example). If I then tap Settings and scroll to the bottom of that, it says: "Turn on Always On Display on the Quick panel to keep the screen on during your workout."

What I want it to do is keep the workout screen with all of my data showing constantly. That’s not what happens. After a few seconds, the workout screen disappears and is replaced by a horrible digital clock. I still have to raise my wrist exactly the way Samsung wants me to in order to "wake up" the watch and have that digital clock replaced by my running data. If AOD is off, it functions exactly the same with the exception of there is no digital clock displayed. Leaving AOD on gains me absolutely nothing.

Is it simply not possible to have the watch continuously display my running data the entire time of my run?

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