Can someone help me with this in the field data transfer conundrum please?

Hey everyone!

I have an Android phone. I have a drone, a Go Pro, and a 5TB Seagate HDD that can be powered by the phone. I have a USB-C male to USB standard female adapter from Kiwibird like this:

I can plug the hard drive in just fine, and my phone recognises it. I can insert an SD / Micro SD in to it just fine. But when I try to plug both in at the same time, it only recognises the SD card. I take the SD card out, then it recognises the HDD.

The solution I have is to put the SD card from my drone / Go Pro in to the phone itself, and copy directly to the HDD when it’s plugged in. OR, copy everything to the internal mounted SD card and THEN copy to the HDD.

With me so far?

Now the second issue:

Many modern phones don’t come with expandable storage. I need a new phone and I want to know if anyone has a solution on how I can do what I need, away from mains sockets and such.

I’m a bit stuck and I don’t have a clue what to do!


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