China Urls?

So, just installed BULJ then ran clear cache and started optimizing apps with Galaxy App Booster. I was watching and I noticed it optimizing "" which seemed odd.

A Google search brought me to this link.…s/td-p/2003276

Inside that discussion, Samsung mentioned that they would remove for US customers. But they didn’t.

Also inside that discussion is a link that describes how they use Chinese DNS services to detect if the user is in China. My issue is that it appears to pass url requests through Chinese servers even though I am not in China and there is no need for it.

So, my question is whether anyone else has noticed this, and if they have successfully disabled the app. It’s a system app and can’t be uninstalled. But, I’d like to disable it if it won’t break anything.

Link to how they say it’s used…taobao-hao123/

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