chrome mobile app odd behaviour?

I noticed after a recent update to my s21 ultra that chrome is acting weird. I had a load of tabs open (around 40) and came out to do something else. When I went back into chrome it was like I had just started it – no tabs. So I did some searches and got around 3 or 4 tabs open. Came out of chrome and when I went back in the original tabs were all back (40). Came out and back in and the second lot of tabs I had opened were there (3 or 4) and the original set had gone. I can go in and out and it’s like 2 different chrome’s are running. It did this after an update but then stopped for a week or so and has just started again today with no updates (phone or app). Not sure what is going on. It’s not a big pain as I know if I want to revisit something I had open I just come back out and back in and it’s there.

Just wondered if there might be an explanation as I’ve never had this before.

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