Did you KEEP the goodies that came with your Flip⁴?

Up here in Canada we, I got 50% off the Watch⁵ Bluetooth and free Buds² Pro.

I knew I was selling the Buds² Pro, the Watch⁵ I debated whether to keep or sell it since they were delivered last week.

Today, I opened and set her up. After all, I got it for half the price.

First impressions, the 44mm isn’t big enough for me. I have a Diesel watch so if you’re familiar with it you’ll get the idea.

Second, I was right all along. Smart Watches are really just a very expensive NOTIFICATION band on your wrist. I never understood the need nor how people spend $500, $700, $1,000+. I see tons of Apple Watches and I can’t believe it.

Anyways, I will give more time and see if my attitude changes but I doubt it. Hopefully, I can’t still sell and not lose money.

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