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Hello people.
I had a game published back in 2016 and it got the whooping 1000 downloads :),
so I decided to polish it a bit, to add some new questions and conditional logic aaaannd… here’s the new version:

google play search : panic quiz game OR Valeriev
It’s kinda sad that I have such an old account here and yet it doesn’t let me include the link 🙂
Anyways, if you have the interest to keep reading, you’ll find it on your own.

I’m not a professional developer, just building stuff in my free time, sometimes.. last time was as I said 2016 😀
So, please don’t be too harsh with the reviews and stuff.
I hope some of you might have some fine moments in the rest room with my tiny quiz.
Here’s few screenshots, just to check if the colors and design match your liking without clicking on the google play link for no reason. Including the simple rules of the game screenshot. * image quality here might be lower than actual in-game stuff.
Reading a review on google play or replies here will make me very happy.
I’m not a very social person IRL, so yeah.. you know I guess.
Thank you and be well!
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