Galaxy S5 Black Screen Issue

I am having a black screen issue with my Samsung S5 (Model SM-G900V). I recently dropped the phone on the ground which caused the screen to immediately go black. I’ve gone through alot of steps in my efforts to fix this issue and have had no success in getting it back in working order.

– With old screen phone was somewhat responsive to touch still. But wasnt enough to pull the phone out of the slide screen. But with the new screen it is completely unresponsive to touch.
– Phone boots totally normally. All fuctions work 100%. So it’s a completely functional phone aside from the black screen and no touch. I can raise and lower the volume and take screenshots. Essentially anything that you can trigger with the side buttons and home button it works 100%.
– All buttons and interactions that are touch screen dependant are non-functional.

I’ll go ahead and list off some of the things i’ve tried.
– I’ve restarted the phone.
– Done the power button trick involving removing the battery and holding the button down for 1-3 minutes. I’ve done this about 11 times at different time intervals in between other tests and have had no luck.
– Removed and reseated the battery and started the phone back up.
– Tried booting the phone into safe mode, nothing shows, but I can tell the phone has entered safe mode based on the phone powering up and the phones overal behavior when it’s not booting normally and is going into safe mode
– Removed the old screen and purchased a new one. New screen is also black and unresponsive.

The new screen I purchased is this one from Amazon. It insists that the G900V is supported, but i’m wondering if thats not the case, or perhaps the screen I recieved was faulty.

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