Hidden files lost during transfer?

I use a Samsung Galaxy A42 5G and was transferring my SD card files to internal memory because I was replacing the SD card with a larger one. I simply told the SD to move all the files to a new folder I created on the phone. Somehow, the SD folders all would up in my phone’s secure folder, but I didn’t see my one hidden folder from the SD card. I made sure my file program was looking at hidden files, but it seemed to be nowhere. I went back to my SD card, and nothing was on it, and I did have "show hidden files" on there, too.

So, were these lost in transit? Did they never move to the phone? I’ve tried several recovery programs on the SD card, ones I know have worked before, but they say there is nothing to recover.

Is it possible they did move to my phone, but even in "show hidden files" mode, I can’t see them? While it would be nice to still have these files, if I don’t, then I don’t, but I’d at least like to know definitively that they aren’t still hiding somewhere on my phone.

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