How to correctly restore with new upgrade

Upgrading from a S20 to a S22, haven’t turned it on yet as I want to be sure to transfer my information correctly. I have used smart switch before but when reading directions for the S22 as it walked thru each step I wondered how I do this without duplicating information, etc. There was a step that essentially said to click either yes or no to have google transfer your information (contacts, apps, data, messages, etc.). Should I click yes for that and then use smart switch after? Will it duplicate? I use vzw message+ for texting and want to be sure all my messages come over on to the new phone. I know photos and apps and such will show up once I sign into my google account. I thought I read somewhere that mms may not come over with smart switch which concerns me and makes me think maybe I should click yes when it asks to have google bring everything over? Just not sure and probably overthinking but seriously want to make sure I do things right and not end up with double messages and stuff like that. Hope I’m making sense!

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