How to stop Wallpaper Carousel popup

Phone: Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T
Platform: MIUI Global 12.5.5 Stable
Android 11 RKQ1.201004.002
Android security update 2022.05.01

There is an icon at bottom left corner of the lock screen. It looks like a tulip flower (See photo 1) and the slightest accidental swipe right on it causes the Wallpaper Carousel popup (Photo 2) to launch. I have to tap on ‘Don’t agree’ each time it happens. Even being careful how I handle the phone it is very difficult to avoid sometimes. I’m sure Xiaomi have designed it that way and it may be built-into the OS but: –

Is there any way to remove the Tulip icon from the Lock screen?

Lockscreen Tulip.jpg

Wallpaper Carousel Popup.jpg

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