i have a very weird data issue on my OnePlus 8t

Ok so a few days ago, half of my apps became unable to connect via data.

All google related apps are working fine, also Netflix and Whatsapp, but any other like reddit, discord, waze Amazon and others wont work if not on WiFi I’m also unable to connect to some websites (like discord from Google wont work for example). I have no idea what’s causing it, i’ve tried:

-tweaking any data related setting on the phone (per app authorisation, switching between 3g, 4g or 5g, and, reset all data settigs and more) -trying different DNS or APS -tried about any solution i could find on Google.

The only thing left would be reset to factory settings, but i though i’d ask here before if there’s a possible fix. This is driving me nuts, especially waze working only on wifi (which i’ll admit is also very funny)

So if anyone here has an idea ! Thanks in advance.

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