Is it a lot of headache to own both iPhone and Android?

I am daily user of iphone 11 pro and deep in apple ecosystem (ipad pro, airpods, ATV, Homepods). Before I got iphone, I had Nexus 6P and Pixel 2 XL. Thinking now of getting either new Pixel 6a or refurbished S22 as secondary phone I would use part time. I am daily Cloud user syncing photos and no longer use Google Photos as much since they discontinued "unlimited" compressed storage for photos, but found a solution to it so I can get photos from Android device synced to iCloud.

I would swap SIM card between two minding registering iMessage on/off and RCS on Android. I use Signal Messenger for cross-platform IM. For emails, calendars use Google which is easily available on both platofrms.

Once I get iphone 15 pro or so which I anticipate to be e-sim only, I will probably get a second line for cheap unless my carrier won’t limit free e-sim switching.

One of the reasons for me to use Android will be to get taste of 5G, Android 12/13 (last I used was Android 10), and easier integration with my Linux workstation.

I am pretty much Apple guy who likes Apple ecosystem but likes to leave "walled garden" once in a while and have also Chromecast, Google Home, Linux laptop.

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