Is there a simple screenshot app?

I’m looking for a really simple screenshot app. I don’t want a screen recorder to create videos. I don’t want to edit the screenshot. I don’t want any bells or whistles. I want a VERY SIMPLE app to do NOTHING MORE THAN take a quick snapshot of whatever is on the screen. I have video editing software on my computer if I have a need for editing. If the app happens to offer a choice of full screen or a specific area, fine. Other than that I don’t want any other options. Simply a screenshooter. Period. I don’t understand why there are so many screenshot apps that include extensive editing capabilities and video screen recorders. I can’t find a single app that does NOTHING MORE than do what the name implies – screenshot. This is exactly why I have resisted using a phone and have stuck with my Linux laptops for REAL computing. I do, however, have an occasional need to screenshoot something on my phone, then email it to myself for editing with a REAL photo editing program on my laptop. So, is there such a thing as a SIMPLE screenshot app?

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