Late to the party but whoa

Omg you guys i finally got myself a Galaxy watch 4!
I admit I’m a super late bloomer, i have resisted smartwatches for freaking ever, but after weeks agonizing over size and style, voilĂ  :

Galaxy Watch 4, 44 mm.
Honestly it’s a wee bit large on my wrist but I’m blind as a bat and the 40 mm display was just too small.
Pity because it was the cute rose gold but oh well.
I tried all 4 sizes and models and the 44 mm was the best one for my goofy eyes and small wrists, i changed the band to a metal mesh one and now it sits much better on my wrist.


I faint a lot so if i fall, my watch calls my partner. I use it for step counting and fitness every day.
I love getting my notifications on my wrist and I love that Google Maps shows up there too, it makes driving with directions easier.

I love love LOVE that i can call and text from my watch.

Seriously I’m turning into a teenager, this midlife crisis thing is fun [emoji28]

I had installed Google assistant but found it to be a battery hog so i removed it and went back to Bixby though Google assistant is fine on my other devices.

So I’m using a mix of Samsung and Google apps, I’m happy with the results.

Are there any apps i should have?

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