moto g200 5G – microphone/audio input randomly does not work


This problem seems to have started after the system update to Android 12 – and it’s making me so infuriated with the phone that I just want to throw it at a wall. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

Audio input now DOES NOT WORK RELIABLY any more. Either from the built-in microphone, or a bluetooth headset.

I answer a call (or dial someone) and I can hear them fine. But they cannot hear me. All they get is either silence or a sort of squishy static noise.

The physical microphone on the phone works fine – when I do the hardware self-test to record something and have it play back that ALWAYS works without any problems.

It is ONLY on phone calls that I get this problem.

I have tried disabling and enabling all relevant options – CrystalTalk AI, Wifi calling. Does not make a difference.

Tried resetting various system apps and deleting cached data. No difference.

Tried rebooting into safe mode – again, still get the problem.

Tried using a blueooth headset (a Plantronics voyager). That worked initially, then on the next call I got the same problem – the caller cannot hear me.

The phone is mostly just stock apps – I not have any call-recording or replacement phone app installed.

Rebooting the phone seems to prevent the problem for a while, but I still randomly get the problem. It seems like something in the software path for audio input is deeply broken in some way.

I have *never* had a problem like this with any phone before – even cheap crappy ones have always been able to reliably make and receive calls. At the moment I am looking at just getting a basic Nokia handset (just a plain phone, not an Android) just to be able to take phone calls.

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