Name/number announcement on incoming calls

I recently set my Android V12 phone to announce the caller id on incoming calls. So, now if the incoming call does have a Caller-id or the calling number exists in my Phone Directory, I hear the caller’s name else it just announces the number.

Here is the funny part though. As an example, if the calling number is 1-123-555-1212 with no Caller-Id and the number not in my Phone Directory, the announcement will be “Eleven Billion Two Hundred Thirty Five Million Five Hundred Fifty One Thousand Two Hundred Twelve”.

I am sure this is the programmer’s funny bone in action here sincee programming it to announce as “One, One Two Three, Five Five Five, One Two One Two” would have been much easier and natural.

My only beef is that they did not provide a toggle to switch it to the latter more natural format. Anyone has any idea if a toggle does indeed exist?

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