New S22 Ultra – I like it!

Yesterday I pulled the trigger on a new black S22 Ultra with 512 GB (I like Video recording in UHD 60 and don’t want to run out of storage). So far I am very happy with it. As a Note fan i was feeling at home instantly. I’m trying out the cameras, especially the zoom capabilities are very impressive. The phone feels good in the hand, I like it more than the little bit top heavy S21 Ultra (my personal opinion). It’s bigger than my Note 10 but I am getting used to it quite fast. It is a bit slippery though, so it got a cover to protect it. All Updates are installed now, it feels snappy and I did not notice any lags by now (Exynos processor). Maybe it saved me from getting headaches by not being an early buyer a.k.a. beta tester 😉

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