New video problems!


New problems!

I am using:

A) a good quality (Rode "SmartLav+") external wired microphone

B) A "2-in-1 USB C to 3.5mm Headphone and Charger Adapter, by Bphuny"

C) Plus my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (on a tripod), running the "Pro Video" mode of the Samsung "Camera" app.

I am always checking before I start the recording

Problem 1.
When I play a video back that HAS recorded sound, no sound comes out unless I unplug the microphone!

Problem 2. The microphone keeps cutting out. It even does this half way through recording a video! And it does so even though each time, before I start recording I am checking that microphone being selected is the External USB microphone.
In fact when I start recording a little message always pops up TELLING me that the Pro Video is using the external USB microphone to record.

– Do you any idea why the mic keeps cutting out?
i.e. How can I tell if this is a hardware or software problem?

– And how can I get the phone to play sound on a video without my needing to unplug the mic?!

Many thanks


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