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Ok.. I posted this once and it vanished. Gonna try it again.

I had a friend share a contact with me. Came in as a .vcf. Loaded fine. I use dark mode all the time. I opened the contact and the screen starts flashing. The border at the bottom where the navigation buttons are is flashing a bright white and the status bar at the top is flashing off and on. Flashes run a bit less than once a second. Acts like it is caught in a loop. Exiting is a bit difficult. I’ve tried a bunch of things to try to fix.

Clear the cache partition
Edit the contact – Change Name
Edit the contact – Change number
Delete the contact – Reenter contact
Check to make sure that contact is in the correct account (All contacts in Samsung directory)
Change to day mode. (Can’t see the flashing at the bottom, but the status bar still flashes)
Lower the resolution. (Blinking gets faster)
Lower resolution to the bottom (Blinking get very

Resort the contacts

Click on another contact.
ALL MY CONTACTS ARE NOW FLASHING (glad that I’m not subject to seizures)

so…. 2 questions.. is there anyone out there that still uses the Note 9 and is there anyone out there that is having this same issue???

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