Pixel 7 Pro or something else?

I’m annoyed to even write a post like this that is asking for a million different opinions but in what little free time my brain has I’ve been trying to settle between which unreleased phone will be my next purchase.

I’m a reformed hardcore android geek that used to spend countless hours surfing XDA. I always rooted and ROMed everything and eventually a wife and kids put an end to the free time I had dedicated to tinkering. I’ve pretty much always had a Nexus or Pixel device sans the OG Galaxy S and a Moto X later on, which was my first step into just leaving a device alone.

I had a Pixel 5 that I fried in the ocean (and that’s a different story entirely). Luckily I have my old Pixel 2 that I’m asking to pull more weight than it should but I’ve spent the past year purposefully NOT paying attention to the P6P or Tensor because what was the point when I’m in a space where I want to ride a device for at least 3 years?

Now that I’m reading I’m kind of appalled at the level of bugs in these Tensor powered devices. I know its not all of them and probably not even a majority of them but I’m still surprised. I want to be hopeful for Tensor 2 but I have reservations about certain pieces of Samsung hardware (like modems) that have always seemed to suck compared to qualcomm counterparts.

I’m very Googley. It’s sickening. I’ve taken the lazy route. I have Google homes, Google Wi-Fi, Google hubs, Chromecast with Android TV (awful name) as examples all of which don’t seem to be as seamless as they once were. It’s like Google is slipping. But there are certain things that I’ve always taken for granted that I think would be hard for me to let go of that Google nails like Always Listening, call screen/spam detection and hold features.

So I sit and compare the P6P to the S22 Ultra and keep thinking about a P7P or an S23 Ultra. I want the best of Google but I also need other stuff like solid reception and battery life that lasts longer than my Pixel 2, and I feel like the 6 line is a garbage on battery as my old Pixel 2.

I care about good photos and video, especially with kids. I don’t care about gaming (retro bowl is as intense as I get) and with a new iPhone 13 Mini in my pocket as a work phone I can say, yeah, that’s nice hardware but not compelling to me. Benchmarks don’t tell a whole story. Give me security updates over benchmark apps.

Truthfully, if it weren’t for 60Hz on this Pixel 2 I’d keep it if it got security updates. I miss the 5, which was almost perfect for me most of the time. So why am I sitting here rambling about which $1100-$1400 phone to save up for?

I’m at a place where while I’ve always taken the midrange in some form or fashion, even though I don’t HAVE to anymore. Saving up an extra grand and change over a 2-3 year period for phone replacements is what we do around here. It’s just a line item on our budget. I’ve just always taken a step back and saved some cash with a Pixel in my hand. Is it time to step away?

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