Replace my corrupted adopted sd card

I tried posting this on an existing thread but not sure anyone will see it there. So, I am in a situation on Android release 10 and have had the sd card as adopted memory since I bought my Motorola G7 1.5 years back. Now it says ‘corrupted’. I removed it and cleaned the contacts and have tried restarting/rebooting several times. So I figured I best buy a new sd card. When I inserted that one it seems via Settings/Storage it is looking for both (only one sd slot!) = the corrupted one and the new as portable. I have not formatted or anything yet. How do I get the darned thing to forget the old sd card so I can move on? I do know that all my info on it will be gone but everything is backed up in several places. When I put the old corrupted sd card back in I do have an option to ‘cancel or setup’. Is this what I want to do? Thanks for the help.

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