[Request] Good animal collector games?

So I’ve been trying to find games to fit what I believe is a fairly specific niche. Essentially what I’m looking for is games (preferably with animals/dragons/monsters/etc) where there is main or at least side gameplay focusing on a collection aspect, especially games where you have a type of creature and breed or find or collect other ones to fill out a collection book.

The best example I have that fits in the category of what I’m looking for is Zen Koi 2 which has you play as a koi in a pond, eat to grow, and breed to get new koi patterns and colors to fill out collections. Neko atsume also fit though the gameplay was a bit limited there after you unlock all the cats.

I’m not super picky about what the main gameplay is other than I’d rather not play clicker style games or the match-3 style ones like merge dragons. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

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