Samsung m31 Sim card and sensor not working after lcd replacement

So I’m sure this question gets asked quite a lot but, I broke my lcd screen and replaced it with another screen minus the frame, everything worked perfectly, but the screen wasn’t a legitimate one so it wasn’t the most responsive to touch.

I then bought a "original Samsung lcd screen with frame" and installed the old parts from my original phone into the new frame, from there I encountered issues with the sim card not being read, getting the error "no sim card detected" along with the "fingerprint sensor not working" as the error message for the sensor.

I should mention that I do get signal often, the sim just doesn’t seem to work, the sim also shows up in my sim card manager and after factory resetting it actually shows me the calling screen now where previously it just said no sim card detected when attempting to make calls. The only issue now is that its just stuck on the calling screen and doesn’t actually ring or make a tone. I have tried another sim card in the phone and that also doesn’t work, it was a virgin sim card also same as my own.

Does anyone know what could be causing this? As I’ve heard it could be because the antenna could be damaged or the motherboard in general could be damaged which would explain why the sensor isn’t working also. Along with hearing that it could be due to the parts I purchased not being original Samsung parts and the newer software not recognising or stopping them from working as they should. Also if a new motherboard would be needed, are there any easy ways to buy a new one?

I couldn’t find the subject for this phone but it is a Samsung M31, SM315f if I remember right

Edit: Images added for sim card manager/settings, switches between not connected and virgin.

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