Samsung Mobile S21 / S22 / Galaxy Tab A8 connectivity problem


I have the Samsung S21 mobile phone for over one year now. My partner has the S22 mobile phone and we also use the Galaxy Tab A8. All three devices share the same problem and the problem is that often (after "waking up" the device) certain apps are not getting an internet connection.

As a rule, on all three devices the internet browser (Chrome) is never a problem. Also, Gmail always works seems to worke. But other apps for example Netflix (especially), Marketwatch or just don’t get a connection. Usually closing the app and restarting the app helps. Sometimes I have to go to Settings/Apps and "kill" the app and restart it and then it gets connected to the internet, but a lot of times the only thing that helps is restarting the device. The problem is very very frustrating.

Any ideas what could be causing the issue?

*turning off wi-fi and using only mobile data does not help


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