Settings keeps stopping after system update

Second time this has happened on a system update. First time was on the very first security update after S22 launch. I was forced to Factory Reset my phone due to lack of any other solution. I since started shunning any and all system updates. A few nights ago the update screen popped open unexpectedly causing me to accidentally confirm the update. I crossed my fingers, but surely enough, the same thing happened again: settings keeps closing.

Only information I could find on this issue is for Galaxy A series, where the recommended solution is to uninstall Digital Wellbeing. But Digital Wellbeing is not installed on my device, and nor is it compatible with the S22 according to the Play Store.

I’m extremely annoyed that Samsung keeps forcefully pushing these updates that cause me to lose all data. I’m hoping anybody can point out a different system app that could have been corrupted by the update. I can easily uninstall/reset apps via ADB, but I have no leads on where to begin, and don’t want to break it further by uninstalling the wrong package.

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