Tab Pro tablet “site can’t be reached” & “opps your offline” warnings

Samsung SMT900 Tab Pro 12.2 inch
Android 5.1.1 ! Knox version 2.4.1
security version ASKS 1.2_161011
Lately getting "site can’t be reached" & "opps your offline" when turning on most times. Not sure why this started?
Our other Samsing tablet, Samsung smart phone, computers are fine…just the Tab Pro.
Our temporary fix is forget the Wi-Fi network and remember it. Sometimes go google play services & clear cache. We have unplugged the modem/router, and did restarts of the Tab Pro.
This is sometching new the past 3 weeks, and do not know what to do or correct what is doing this. Any help appreciated. I know this is an older unit, and we do not know how to update it further…I believe root is the term.

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