Two P6Pro phones on same network but different updates and other stuff

I got my P6Pro on first round of orders several months ago. My friend got hers maybe earlier this month. We are both unlocked from Google. Both running on AT&T network.

I religiously check my phone for updates every day. She gave me her phone the other night to "do my thing" and sure enough her phone had no updates.

I did all the updates and she was then on the December security patch but January play update. Now, Im still on December play update no matter how many times I check. I dont understand why her phone would get it and mine didnt.

Second, while both were sitting on the table, in the same brand case, my phone had one less bar of signal the entire time. Again, we are both unlocked from Google on AT&T. This was really frustrating.

Has anyone else noticed either one of these situations with other P6P’s in their hands?

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