Unlocked S21 Ultra 5G

Hi all,
this is my first photo I’m posting. I’m rather happy with my phone’s camera. This shot was taken from about 35-40′, or so, with 10x optical zoom. I’ve taken quite a few other shots in the backyard with my Sony A7III and I must say, Samsung has nothing to be ashamed of. From now on, I’ll think twice before I grab my Sony with the lenses and want to haul them around. This photo was only resized to fit most screens, no any other change was done in Lightroom, or Photoshop. I’m glad the camera has done so well with sharpness and no sign of any color fringe. It’s hard to notice, but the female of this cardinal couple is sitting right behind the male. It took me a while to notice it! 🙂

20220122_103507 resized.jpg

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