What sapp says it can not restore messages (after recognizing the cloud backup)

Good morning!

I am having problem restoring a backup from the cloud (google drive)
i wanted to migrate my whatsapp from my tablet to my phone, therefore i did a backup at 5am, it was a 15gb backup.

i deleted the whatsapp and all the files in the tablet, then uninstalled whatsapp.

then i installed whatsapp in my phone, put the phone number, selected to restore and successfully found the backup i did create early, i selected the restore option and it start to do it’s thing. but suddently there was an error saying it was unable to restore messages, then gave me option to skip or to restore an earlier backup.

but when i select to restore an earlier backup, it suppose to show me previous backup version, the previous backup version was on 9th this month, and the google account where i have the backup was gray out, meaning there is no more backup there

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