Whatsapp status shows online even though the other person has closed it

Interestingly a search of the above on the net says that it is impossible for whatsapp to show the other person as "online" unless they have the app open or its running in the background.

A bit of background. I have a couple of friends I chat to regularly and I noticed that sometimes when I went check if they had read a message they were online but my message was unread. Not the end of the world of course they could me messaging others or just not closed the app.

However when I mentioned it to them they said they were no online, and had closed the app and heir phone was locked. But I could still see them as online. So next time it happened I sent a text and they text back to say they were NOT online.

Interestingly, if I see them as online and then close and re-open my whatsapp the online status disappears.

I tested this by using my wife’s phone. I could see her phone was online when whatsapp was open and it went offline when I closed the app. HOWEVER, if the phone was online and i shut off the wifi or the cell network and then close whatsapp on her phone it still showed as online on mine. Until I closed my whatsapp and reopened it at which point the offline status disappeared.

So in my opinion all the posts across the internet about whatsapp ONLY being online when the app is open are not correct.

Has anyone else seen this or experienced this?????

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