why are apps not uninstalling on my phone custom rom?

I like custom ROMs very much. And this problem is regarding issues that I get while uninstalling an app in a specific unofficial rom. Let’s start from the beginning:

I downloaded this rom from this forum(https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/rom-nicklaus-7-1-2_r29-unofficial-aospextended-rom-v4-6-oms-dui.3790560/)for my Moto E4 Plus(nicklaus_f,xt1770).

I booted into my TWRP recovery and wiped the system, data, cache and dalvik. I flashed the rom file, flashed recommended bean gapps mini(mini pack only contains playstore) and after this and booted in rom.

It booted fine , no errors and everything was working fine, UNTIL I accidently installed chrome.

I wasn’t quite worried about chrome because I could easily uninstall it. BUT, when I clicked on uninstall, it started uninstalling but it was unusually taking longer than usual. I waited for 2 mins and then my ROM unusually rebooted.

After this I flashed the non recommended BitGapps and the same thing happened.

Everything else was working fine . I tried some other ROMs but the same thing happened . So my question was that does it have anything related to stabilization and should I let the ROM stabilize. And if not , how can I fix this. Yes I havent installed magisk or some other kernel,etc. Thanks for every reply in advance.

EDIT:This problem only happens when I flash Gapps.

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