Why won’t my individual SMS texts send?

My Samsung Galaxy S9 suddenly won’t send individual SMS texts to other phones. This *just* started happening yesterday (the day before I was texting just fine–haven’t downloaded any apps or changed any phone settings since then).

When I’m in a group message, my friends can receive my MMS texts. Individually, none of them receive my texts.

I thought maybe it was an issue with my carrier (T-Mobile), but my mom is on the same phone plan and was able to send texts to my friends.

It’s not an issue with texting iPhones, because it won’t send to my Android friends either.

One friend was able to receive an individual text from me when it was a photo (MMS), but none of my other SMS texts. I sent an SMS text to myself and that came through fine though.

For troubleshooting, I’ve tried:

-soft restart
-hard restart
-turning my wifi off/turning it back on
-hard reset of all network settings
-clearing my cache data
-force stopping the app
-removing/reinserting my SIM card
-checking for updates (I’m fully updated)
-turning off the "chat" feature
-having them check their MMS settings (their phones are up to date and MMS is on)

I can’t find any new fixes or suggestions as to what the problem is. Ideas?

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